Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to make Pancakes!

How to Make Pancakes TeatowelHappy pancake day chums!  Here’s a supre cute teatowel with all you need to know about how to make pancakes.  Yours for just £10.  We do love a multi purpose tea towel here in the gallery!Beer Food Pairing Full TeatowelThis Beer pairing tea towel will help you find the perfect beer to go with your pancakes, crepes or drop scones.  There are more in the range including wine pairing and cocktail recipies.

queen-elizabeth-drop-sconesGrowing up, we used to have Scotch Pancakes (AKA drop scopnes) as a snack after school – not every day, but regularly enough to be a thing.  If you make a thicker batter than a crepe batter, and use a rising aganet (self raising flower will work!) you can “drop” the batter into a hot pan, off a table spoon.  The rules in our house was you make your own, eat them as you make them with butter and jam and if you made the batter, someone else made their batch first :)

Happy Pancake Day!


How to make Pancakes!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

yearofthemonkeyHappy Chinese New Year. Today officially marks the year of the Monkey which will last until January 27th 2017.There are 12 Animals on the Chinese Zodiac. the Cheeky little Monkey is the 9th in the cycle and won’t appear again until 2028.

Sock Monkey

Were you born in the year of the monkey? Our very own Rachel was. It is said that if you are born in the year of the Monkey, you are known to be sociable, inteligent, enthusiastic and gentle all very great traits to have but your weeknesses are that you can be jealous, selfish, arrogant, suspicious and bad tempered…..oh boy! We’re sure that’s not all of you 😉

Pop Out Monkey

Unfortunate for those born in this year, It is actually known  as one of the most unlucky years in the Chinese zodiac. We’re strong believers that you make your own luck so don’t let that put a dampner on being born in the year of the mischevious monkey :p


With festivites taking place across the world we’re sure you’ll see some of the many beautiful celebrations where you are. We were treated to mesmerising Chinese Dragons and traditional Chinese Dress on the Royal Mile at the weekend.

chineseNYWe’re  now off to indulge in some traditional Chinese foods this evening. Any excuse for a plate of delicious dumplings! :)


Happy Chinese New Year

Monday, 1 February 2016

Freya - Full To The Brim of Loveliness

Freya window - valentines 2016February is here and despite the fact that it’s blowing a gale and raining constantly, we’ve definitely got Spring in our sights.

This of course has been helped by the arrival of the beautiful print collection from Freya.

Freya is a London based design studio. They design unique, joyful & beautifully crafted paper-goods, textiles & home-wares, all featuring the gorgeous designs & evocative words of artist Fréya Eté. We’re super excited to bring her collection to you.

Full to the brim with lovliness Print by Freya

Her whimsical collection of  prints, cards and textiles are now gracing our window; you can’t help but feel the positive energy that they evoke. With Valentines Day just round the corner, they make the perfect gift for the one you love. :)

Shall We Curl Up Print by Freya I think we’d all have loved to Curl Up and Stay In today; just like these cute kitties. This is available as an A3 print and greetings card. It sure is cute. (we are suckers for anything with a cat 😉 )

Precious Life blue bag as worn by FreyaHow about carrying that positivity around with you on a daily basis with one of Freya’s brightly coloured totes? They’re sure to put a spring in your step. May I interest you in a hug print by Freya

If you’re Feeling the need for some feel good vibes during the dark winter months? You can see Freya’s full collection on our website alongside many other positive prints and gifts from our vast array of artists.


Freya - Full To The Brim of Loveliness

Monday, 25 January 2016

Ye Banks an" Braes

Robert_burns Today marks the Birthday of Robbie Burns and what has become a yearly celebration of Scotland’s greatest poets life.

A celebration that was started by his friends 21 July 1801, the fifth anniversary of his death, and has been a regular occurrence ever since; more commonly celebrated on his Birthday and know as Burns Supper.

An evening filled with Whisky, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties! (Tastier than it looks!) bagpipes, dancing and recitals of the Rabbies famous poetry and song. Any excuse for a party!! :)

Emily Hogarth Ye Banks And BraesYe Banks An’ Braes

Local artist Emily Hogarth has brought to life his beautiful words in her intricate papercut style that has then been transformed in to limited edition Screen Prints.

Emily Hogarth Ae Fond Kiss ScreenprintAe Fond Kiss

This is just a snippet of Emily’s collection celebrating many beautiful songs and poems by famous Scots.

We’ll raise a Dram to Rabbie Burns. Cheers!


Ye Banks an" Braes

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Colourful Prints + DIY Kits on SALE

The Red Door Gallery DIY Kit SALE Jan 2016Bring some colour into this cold January, with our colourful, inspiring SALE! We have some great bargains for you this year, but as usual, they are on a first come, first served baisis, so if you snooze, you loose :)build your own giant dino]There is nothing we love more than a roaring fire and a good DIY kit of a chilly evening. Paper craft a flying dinosaur, build a rocket or sew your own bear and bag, we have something for everyone, now with as much as 20% off!

Cut out and make bear and bag + packaging by Alie MelvinCheck out our ‘Make your Own’ section, or go straight to our Sale Products and grab a real bargain.

Pirates - saleThere are some beautifully framed Belle and Boo prints at a reduced price, including the delightful “Night Time Pirates” (and a few otheres in the heart warming sereies) featuring a little girl, her rabbit and their shared adventures and friends.

MC LondonWe also have the styalised “Pleased to Meet” range at a reduced price, these collectable, limited edition prints have a fabulous narative to them, which will spark the imagination of kids and adults alike.

sunlightpostersmallThis “Be Bright” poster will cheer up any room, with bold colour and merry sentiment.  For the first time, some of our posters have landed in the sale, creating a great way to fill a large space, for under £10!

We hope your injoy our colourful print & DIY kits on sale!

Colourful Prints + DIY Kits on SALE

Monday, 18 January 2016

Positively Blue

positively blue 2Wall of positivity!

So today is meant to be the most depressing day of the year……..It may be cold, wet and grey and we’re zooming through January but lets look to the rest of 2016 and make it an awesome year ahead.

positively blue

Hopefully you’ve started this year in the spirit of ‘New Year, New You’ and are looking forward to all the exciting things you want to achieve.

Climb a Mountain by Louise Smurthwaite

Be inspired by Louise Smurthwaites print to Climb a Mountain, you could alway start small with Arthurs seat  on the door step.

Happy CampersCharlotte Farmers new Screen Print is inspiring us all to be Happy Campers. Why not plan some fun camping trips for the warmer months ahead?

Huffin Puffin

Finally stick to that New Year fitness plan. You won’t be a ‘Huffin Puffin’ for very long if you keep it up! :)


Great Minds Blue

Grab a friend and get outdoors, we all know ‘Great Minds Ride A Bike’ 😉

Benedict Cumberbatch

Your maybe not the outdoorsy type and prefer your home comforts, you’ll be happy to know that ‘Colouring in’ is meant to be good for your mental state and helps you relax. These colouring books by I Love Mel are sure to cure any blues you might be having…..did someone say Benedict?

Hipster Colouring Book

Or colour your Hipster heart out with this new colouring book by Charlotte Farmer.

The only thing we’re taking from #bluemonday is the colour blue, get inspired by many of our favourite artists and laugh in the face of Blue Monday, We don’t need that negativity in our lives!

Sending you all some positive vibes for 2016.


Positively Blue

Friday, 15 January 2016

If Star Wars was Scottish...

Stars are braw text…The new film could be “Stars Are Braw – Back From a Wee Snooze” or so thinks Glasgow based English illustrator Jonathan Bishop.  Jon works under the moniker “The Grey Earl” in reference to his upbringing in England, while his works explores his passion for “Star Wars” and Scottish idioms, dialects,  idyocincracies and a good old fun pun.    the illustrator at work! the grey earlJon came in this week to install his latest works, a series inpired by his favourite star wars heros! Jon in the windowWe had a great day, and are delighted with Jon’s beautifully illustrated window design, and very happy to welcome back Darf Vador Marrionette!Darf in the windowIf you are looking for cards, mugs or prints for Valentine’s day (too soon?) then have a peep at the full collection in our online shop here and below are two of our favourites from the new range:

Gies a squeezeTranslates as “Give us a hug”.Fancy A WinchTranslates as “Would you like a kiss”.
full window by the grey earl
The finished window looks great – pop in if you are passing us on Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

Red Door WindowsAll you Red Door Regulars will be familiar with his existing print series, if you would like to learn a little more about Jon, have a peep at our blog about him here.

If Star Wars was Scottish...

Monday, 11 January 2016

David Bowie - An Inspiration To Many


David Bowie Brooches - Multiple 2

We’re all in shock today, such sad and news to wake up to, the passing of The Great David Bowie.

An inspiration to so many people, never to be forgotten.

He will forever be remembered by his extensive career in music, film, and his constantly evolving style which has touched and inspired so many peoples lives.

m_David-MeowieMajor Tom



R.I.P  a true artist – David Bowie.

David Bowie - An Inspiration To Many

Friday, 1 January 2016

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock and Watson PrintHappy New Year and New Sherlock!  There is no point denying it, we are super excited about the new episode, screening tonight (BBC One, 9 pm, keep up people!). Sherlock BroochThankfully, we know we are not alone in our enthusiasm for the subject of Homes, some of our artists have been pretty inspired by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s work as Sherlock and Watson.  And Smile has released a series of prints and badges, from £8 which feature some of the cast alongside other pop icons.Benedict CumberbatchThe charming Bennedict Cumberbatch chap who portrays the sloothing detective, draws quite a folloing of devoted fans, sher-locked with love.  Surely a bench mark of fame is is having  your own colouring in book?  This one is chock a block with comedy and inspiration, which might help with the January 2nd no-more-new-sherlock blues?  Benedict 2Then again, there is nothing like some Sherlock quotes to bring you back down to earth !Sherlock1

Have a great January 1st folks :)


Sherlock Holmes