Monday, 15 September 2014

Geometric Jewels - Gifts For Her

geometric jewelsWe have lots of exciting jewellery here in the gallery and we will be regularly featuring them on our blog over the next few months. We will be Showcasing some of our favourite pieces by Theme.

A bit of a sucker for all things geometric I’m going to kick us off this week wih all our favourite Geometric pieces in the gallery. This is just a small selection of what we have offer.

Expect to see the jewellery collections build online over the coming weeks as we upload new pieces.

Here are all the lovely designers we have included this week!

Lianna Sheppard Cuboid Cut Out Necklace and Earrings

Ding Ding Saltholm and Copenhagen Necklaces and Malmo Earrings – Scandi Chic!

Lovely Pigeon Fraction Collection of Earrings and Necklaces

Lucie Ellen Geometric Bracelets and Earrings

Many of the pieces showcased are available in a variety colours. check our website and the gallery for more colour options.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the collection this week.

Next up is The Animal Kingdom!

Geometric Jewels - Gifts For Her

Friday, 5 September 2014

#FridayFavourites - Monochrome

FridayFavsSeptThe festival is over for another year! It all seems but a distant memory now as August went by in a flash.

We got the chance to meet lots & lots of our lovely customers both old and new as everyone decended on Edinburgh to take part in one of the biggest festivals of the year.

We’ve been a little quiet here on the blog through the busy festival times. Now September has arrived and we can get back to bringing you some of our Friday favourites and yours from the gallery.

For this weeks #fridayfavourites we’re going Monchrome with some of our favourite pieces in the gallery in good old black and white.

Kingdom of the Raccoon by Lindsey Brown – One of my favourites at the moment, we love the attention to detail found in Lindsey Browns work. Lindsey will be exhibiting with us this September.

Black Pomme by Hello Marine - Simple and Classic Screen printed Geometric Apple also available in colour.

Tote and Cards by Becky Bauer - Becky is new to the Red Door, We love her cute  Rabbit with it’s oversized accessories. Tote Bags online next week.

Musette Bag by Rebecca J Kaye - A fun lightweight alternative to a tote bag, used by cyclists.

Stag Necklace and Brooch by Hello Sunshine - Beautiful jewellery made from Acrylic and Wood. Matching Earrings available.

Foxy Lady and Dandy Lion Hankerchiefs by Chase and Wonder – Perfect Gift for the Lady and Gentleman

Ding Ding Clipboards - Available in a variety of prints, perfect for notes or hanging small prints and special cards.

Hello! Card by Squid Ink - A variety of cards available in the gallery, new jewellery online soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks #FridayFavourites.

Have a great weekend!


#FridayFavourites - Monochrome

Thursday, 4 September 2014

David Fleck Workshop

Fleckwithwork3-600August is an awesome time here in Edinburgh and we love getting involved however we can, so here’s a quick post, chock a block with photos from our second After Hours event with a David Fleck workshop, at NMS (The National Museum of Scotland).

WelcomeOur welcome desk, featuring artworks by David Fleck, and collaborative products made with his business partner and sister, Claire Fleck.  Click here to see more of David’s prints and click here to see the various products, including I-phone cases.

Laying the first piecesDavid and Claire were on hand to help start the event off, carefully laying down the first pieces of fabric which will add colour to the skyline David created.  Click here to see how he made the boards.

CraftinRedTableLots of folks popped by through the course of the evening to cut their favourite swatches of fabric and pin on their designs to the pin board skyline.

working-whiteWe were so pleased with the reaction from all the participants, great banter and some truly creative collage, believe it or not, there is a Godzilla in there somewhere, attacking the city from the back drop!

DSC_1535Above is a snapshot taken late on in the evening, before the final pieces were pinned.  The finished piece is on display at The National Museum of Scotland, so pop along to see the results of many, many hands, making light work!

David Fleck Workshop

Friday, 22 August 2014

#FridayFavourites - Coffee and Cake

#FridayFavourites - Coffee and CakeThis week we were lucky enough to be included on Pinterest as part of their Coffee and Cake Feature.  A great honour considering the number of pinners there are out there.

We do love our coffee and cake here in the gallery. With so many local options, we really are spoilt for choice.

Filament coffee Pop Up (just up the street Great Flat Whites and featuring a small gallery of Red Door works)

Hula juice Bar (just down the street, our favourite juice bar, Their Whilrling Dirlish is our favourite)

Love Crumbs – Westport (a little bit more of a walk but definitely worth it for their devine cakes)

Mary’s Milk Bar (Coffee, amazing hot chocolates and the best ice cream in Edinburgh)

We’ve got lots of Coffee and cake related prints and accessories in the gallery so you can shout about your love for them.

Here are some of our favourites:

7 year Glitch by Seymour

All about Coffee Tea Towel and Matching Coasters by Stuart Gardiner

Coffee Is Good by Hello Memo

A selection of Cards By HAM and Alice Melvin

Make sure you get to indulge in your favourite this weekend!! What are your favourite Coffee Stops?


#FridayFavourites - Coffee and Cake

Saturday, 16 August 2014

David Fleck Workshop

Fleck_Castle Fleck photoWe thought you’d like to see how much work went into producing David Fleck Workshop, which was held last night at The Museum After Hours event on Chambers Street, Edinburgh.  It has been a while in the making and if you’ve been following this blog, you will have seen some of the progress.  Above you can see david collecting research photographs a-top The National Museum of Scotland.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavid chose to focus upon the skyline, and expertly paired the bustling view down into silhouette shapes.  The final panorama is composed of 4 individual scenes.  Eachcene was then carefully hand cut out of board and pin board materials.  All cut by hand, by David Fleck in his Glasgow Studio.


The silhouette shapes were laid on top of each other, creating a three dimensional effect and the layers of board highlighting the outline of the buildings.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each scene was then carefully mounted into a frame, making it sturdy enough for our eager workshop participants to add embellishments to the final design.


David Fleck adds his own embellishment first though, creating an elegant foreground scene, with the backdrop waiting to be completed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this rare look into an artist’s process.  The final pieces will be on display in The National Museum of Scotland for about a month from today. If you can’t make it along, David Fleck’s work is available online for you to browse here and we will pop up some photos of the final pieces here next week.  Thanks to David and The National Museum of Scotland for having us along last night.

David Fleck Workshop

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hot Air Balloons


Artists often develop imagery that runs through their practice, adding debth to their folio, this is most definitely true of screen-printer, Freya Cummings and her love of Hot Air Balloons.Westerly600 Her newest print, “Westerly” (above) is an excellent example of her hot air balloon motif which is reminiscent of a rainbow, with added texture and hints of gold and silver foiling.Fairy Tale600Freya’s works mix the photo real with sketched details, repeat patterns and overlapping layers to produce a real 3 dimensional feel to her imagined scenes.cardsetThis week, Freya has expanded her range of works to include for the very first time, digitally printed greetings cards and notebooks.

hotgossipsmallsetSQWhile neither the card sets or note book can include the hint of gold and silver foil which adds so much depth to her elaborate screen prints, the charm, patternation and timeless vintage feel comes through in her notebook covers to inspire you to doodle, draw or write within.

Summer600Freya’s lstest collection also includes some prints which reference the natural world, exploring some of the backgrounds to her hot air baloon sceens in more detail.  Click here to view her full collection.


Hot Air Balloons

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Edinburgh inspired artworks


The historic Grassmarket has proven an enticing subject for many of our Illustrators and artists, above you’ll see Susie Wright’s screenprint and below Eilidh Muldoon’s digital print, both of whom have a larger range of Edinburgh inspired artworks.  It is interesting to see how differently two artists treat similar subjects, so we’ve pulled together a few other local talents to shine a spotlight on this beautiful, Festival filled city of ours.EM_GrassmarketPubsThe bustling Grassmarket is a home to a fabulous mix of shops, cafes, pubs and the weekend market sees the location being used as intended with stall holders selling their wares come rain or shine.  Well worth a wonder through if you are in town.auldreekieedinburgh

Above is Heather More’s interpretation of the Edinburgh Skyline, clearly composed to highlight The Scot Monument, Edinburgh castle and a few famous Fringe venues too.  Heather has captured Edinburgh as you find it today, a little dreich, good “Auld Reekie”.Mile Long Street

Above is Libby Walker’s excellent black and white digital print titled “Mile Long Street”.  While the title of this piece is suggestive of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the details, shops and places shown are not all to be found on this famous street.  The Red Door Gallery is in there and we are very happy here on Victoria Street.  What Libby’s print shows, is a route taken wondering around the old town, choosing her favourite spots to pop in along the way.  The layered up composition is reminiscent of our higgledy-piggledy streets which loop up and over in a charming, yet often confusing way.  Kites-Over-the-Crags-1SQ-510x510David Fleck’s “Kites Over the Crags” is his newest addition to his array of Edinburgh prints.  The textures created in this print add to the atmosphere of Edinburgh, once again creating a dreich feel to the city, enhanced by the cheery kites, making the most of the busteling breeze.Blue Edinburgh

KM_skyine_edinburghJust when you think Edinburgh is all greys, along comes Kate Mclelland to remind you there is plenty of colour in this town!  Blues of the sky in summer, the bright greens of our many gardens and the odd splash of fireworks too, espcially at this time of year!

Our special selection of Edinburgh and Scottish themed art works can be found here.

Edinburgh inspired artworks

Monday, 11 August 2014

Paper Crafting Poppies

reddoorstandWe had such a super evening paper-crafting Poppies with Kirsty Baynham at The National Museum of Scotland on Friday that we want to share a few snaps of the evening with you. Above you can see our welcome table where Red Door Gallery-ettes Nicky & Claire and Illustrator Kirsty herself welcomed a lovely audience to our workshop.

backboardsWe had a small, curated exhibition of Kirsty’s print works, which showcases her style and interest in combining the organic shapes of the animal kingdom with contrasting, geometric shapes to produce glorious pattern based art works.

many handsFor this “After Hours” event, the Museum had invited The Red Door Gallery team to produce a workshop, taking inspiration from their “Common Cause” exhibition. The strong visual connection of the “many hands” shown above is reminiscent of the exhibition title.crafting circleAnd of course, is reminiscent of the many hands of a crafter’s circle!   The main shape of the crafting project was circlar too – in the form of a geometric poppy.  A WW1 symbol of remembrance, the poppy was adopted by illustrator Kirsty Baynham as her central motif. displaydetail3Each leaf of the poppy has a different “War Animal” illustrated upon it, including the horse, a dog, some ponies and a carrier pigeon.   Each leaf detaches from the centre of the poppy, and is actually a tiny envelope.  Each petal in ruled on the reverse to form a tiny notelet to share with friends and family as a keepsake.  The hand doubles as a hanging device which can be kept and displayed once all the letters have been sent.

shopandteamworkshopkirstyleadingworkshopA huge thank you to everyone who joined in the workshop, please do send us some photos of your final pieces as you choose to display them.  Thanks also to Kirsty for her remarkable design work, and to The Museum for inviting to join in such a fantastic event.


We will be taking part in this coming Friday’s event too, with illustrator, artist and architect, David FleckClick here, for more information on the other events included in your ticket.

To view more of Kirsty’s work, please click here:

kirsty's work

Paper Crafting Poppies

Sunday, 10 August 2014

"Kites Over The Crags"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis hand carved block print featuring Edinburgh Castle is an exclusvie piece, just in from David Fleck, titled “Kites Over The Crags”.  At just £75 this is limited to an edition of just 30 and we think you’ll agree, this piece captures the castle from an unusual angle with the famous Crags of Arthur’s Seat adding an inspired compositional detail.


Fans of Fleck’s work, will recognise the Kite as a familiar motif, from his earlier works such as Komal (below):

A group of figures fly their kites from the rooftops of buildings

And the much saught after keddesh, which is now sold out (it was available as a screenprint, edition of 50), but a similar image has been converted into a jazzy i phone case, available for the i phone 4 or 5, for £20, here:

If you enjoy David’s work, why not pop along to The National Museum of Scotland’s After Hours event this Friday and take part in our interactive event, produced in colaboration with David Fleck.



"Kites Over The Crags"

Friday, 8 August 2014

Kirsty Baynham Illustrations


This week’s Friday Favourites features just Kirsty Baynham illustrations, whose intricate style gives you the joy of discovering a new detail each time you look at her prints.  Kirsty has a real love of folded symmetry, animals and of combining the two!  Kirsty’s latest project has been to produce a workshop for an event we are hosting at tonight’s Museum After Hours event at The National Museum of Scotland.  We hope to see you there; tickets are available here and include a host of activities and fringe performances.  If you can’t make it along, look out for her geometric Remembrance poppy which will be making an appearance on this blog over the weekend.

Please click here to see Kirsty’s full collection, details of the above pieces are listed below, from top left to bottom right.

Fiola Rust (fox print) £25

Polygon, Treasure & Strawberry (large, landscape print) £40

Farm Floral, Vivid Flora, Lumo Triangle &  Notebooks, £8 each

Raincloud Bears (middle right, print) £25

Allegory (wolf head print with patterned background) £25

Lux (Sleeping fawn, square print) £20

Set of 2 Mini notebooks, Owl & Geometric cover / Fawn & Geometric cover / Fox with Fawn & Geometric cover £4 per set

Daylight Through Lace (Owl print) £15

Kirsty Baynham Illustrations

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fractions of Hexagons

fraction of a hexLovely Pigeon’s fondness for geometric shapes had developed into pure addoration of triangles, which you will come to love as  fractions of hexagons after a wonder through her latest jewelery collection.  This is a journey through shapes in bright, bold coloured formica, paired with super shiny copper, brass and the occasional offering of soft grey for the more minimal outfit.  A geometry lesson for the sohpisticated magpie eye.

hexbrooch2_150Copper and Formica Hexagon brooch £12

tribroochgroup_150Copper and Formica Fraction brooch £12.

grouphex2_150_1Copper and Formica Hexagon earrings £20

grouptriear_150_1Copper and Formica Fraction earrings £20


Brass and Formica Hexagon brooch £12


Brass and Formica Fraction brooch £12grouphex1_150_1

Brass and Formica Hexagon earrings £20

The Lovely Pigeon lives and works in Fife, Scotland where all her jewelery is made by hand.

Fractions of Hexagons